Divorce is stressful and oftentimes clients who have just been served do not know what to expect. In Tennessee, once you are served with divorce papers there are 5 things that automatically and immediately affect your life:

1.    You cannot take out a loan against marital property, transfer or sell your marital property, or otherwise dispose of or hide marital property until the divorce is finalized.

2.    You cannot let insurance policies lapse, modify any policy, or change the beneficiaries on any policy. This includes life, disability, automobile, and renters insurance policies.

3.    You cannot make disparaging remarks about your spouse in front of your children or your spouse’s employer.

4.    You cannot delete any evidence, including electronic evidence that you may have on your Facebook account or computer.

5.    You cannot relocate your children outside the state of Tennessee or move more than fifty miles away.

That’s right – these things happen immediately.  Many individuals who are served with divorce papers do not know about the repercussions of their actions they may take shortly after being served.  If you have been served with divorce papers, then it is best to speak with an attorney so that you can avoid a costly violation of these rules.  Contact us today.