When a marriage dissolves, the process can be an emotionally strained and difficult experience. We are here to provide the guidance and perspective you need to make effective decisions regarding your future, your children, and your assets. We advocate for clients going through a divorce where compromise may be difficult to achieve. We handle issues such as:


• Complex property division

• Business valuation in divorce

• Alimony

• Parenting time and visitation

• Child support


There is no formula for the divorce process, which is why we work closely with our clients to develop a strategy that is specifically curated to accomplish their goals. We understand how difficult the reality of their circumstances can be, which is why we are here to serve and support every step of the way.

Divorce & Family Law Attorneys

Prenuptial Agreements

Couples entering marriage may find it prudent to enter into a premarital agreement with their partner to protect their assets or a business.  This legally binding document provides protection of all types of assets, family businesses, and takes into account a number of other important details such as estate planning. We find it beneficial to consider a premarital agreement when one person has previously gone through a divorce, has obligations to children outside of the upcoming marriage, or is part of a closely-held business.  High-net worth individuals may also elect to enter into a prenuptial agreement to protect their assets.

We help our clients decide if this type of agreement is right for them and navigate through Tennessee’s legal requirements regarding prenuptial agreements. We also provide post-nuptial services for the benefit of currently married couples.

Post Divorce

We also recognize that issues arise after a divorce is over. Whether your children are becoming older or an ex-spouse has taken a new job or remarried, issues come up after a divorce that may require modification of prior orders or plans. These modifications can be greatly beneficial to you.


We handle post-divorce issues suchs as:




Parenting Time & Visitation


Alimony Modification


Child Support


Parenting Plan Modification

Other Domestic Services


Uncontested divorces


Legal Separation




Grandparent Visitation


Termination of Parental Rights