John Floyd, Sr. and John Floyd, Jr. recently received a defense verdict for a chiropractor and chiropractic facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  The patient, an engineer, alleged that the chiropractor performed a neck manipulation that caused him to suffer from a stroke.  As a result of the stroke, the patient alleged that he was unable to work and suffered a loss of future earnings exceeding $2 million.

FLG retained chiropractic and neuroradiologist experts to testify that the doctor complied with the standard of care and did not cause the patient’s stroke.  Specifically, FLG worked closely with the experts to investigate the cause of the patient’s stroke, which revealed extensive atherosclerosis (plaque build up in the arteries) to be the root cause of the stroke.

John Floyd, Sr. and Jr. presented their case to a jury, and after five days of trial the jury returned with a verdict in favor of the chiropractor.